Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5:30AM Moonset out the back door

Be sure you click to see this bigger... it's incredible!
Up early this morning... 5:20AM Mike left to hike to the top of Taylor Hill so that he can catch the reverse Green Flash.  Heather's coming by to go kayaking in the Creek on high tide at 6:45AM.  5:30AM Coffee is on, heading out to the beach deck to sit and enjoy the start of the day.  Hey, look! Coffee cup on the table, grab the camera... the Moon is setting out the back door.

Perfect start of the day.  I'm back from kayaking - we used the Floan's double kayak with me in the front to see how my neck muscles (2-1/2 months after multi-level neck fusion) would do with the paddling. And now - a few hours later, I'm fine!  So there, the test is done.  I can take my kayak out to Sea on a calm day - promising to have someone else put it in and take it out for me this year.

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