Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5:30AM Moonset out the back door

Be sure you click to see this bigger... it's incredible!
Up early this morning... 5:20AM Mike left to hike to the top of Taylor Hill so that he can catch the reverse Green Flash.  Heather's coming by to go kayaking in the Creek on high tide at 6:45AM.  5:30AM Coffee is on, heading out to the beach deck to sit and enjoy the start of the day.  Hey, look! Coffee cup on the table, grab the camera... the Moon is setting out the back door.

Perfect start of the day.  I'm back from kayaking - we used the Floan's double kayak with me in the front to see how my neck muscles (2-1/2 months after multi-level neck fusion) would do with the paddling. And now - a few hours later, I'm fine!  So there, the test is done.  I can take my kayak out to Sea on a calm day - promising to have someone else put it in and take it out for me this year.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Walk and the Texture of Water

Walking out the GateHeading South on Victoria Street, Salt Cay

My morning walk usually turns me North but Saturday morning, I grabbed my camera and headed South to The Creek to collect a few pictures and take a look around.
I chose to take the 2nd left as you head down Victoria Street thinking that the road might be a little easier to walk on without flinging myself to the ground by stepping on a rock.  (Body flinging has always been a "favorite" pastime.) The 2nd left is a giant open area that is often filled with island cows and donkeys, floods and gets slippery when wet and is a great wide place to turn around. 

  Turning left it's just a short walk  to the East side of the island.  Walking past (on the left) Franklin's (aka Spigot) house, Ms Mellie's house, Mr. & Mrs. Dickenson's store, Ed Smith's house, Ms Vida's house, Ms. Rosalie's house, the Lightbournes and the Government house.  This early in the morning there's no one outside on the seats in front of Franklin's where you will usually see a bunch of the guys hanging out during the day.  Eugene, Franklin, Ed, Wilce and Hardy are down by Ed Smith's house this morning. 
arriving at the Creek
Creek Road looking right (South)
Creek Road looking left (North)

I've reached the three month mark on the left knee replacement and six months on the right knee replacement... the joy of walking without pain is so incredible.  Totally life changing and wonderful. It's been at least four or five years since I last walked over to the Creek to just snap pictures and relax.  

It was almost high tide, a great time at the Creek.  On Tuesday I'll be heading down here in the morning to kayak a little.  This morning I got carried away looking at the textures of the water.
Facing East and the mouth of the Creek leading out to Sea.

Looking toward the South
Back of the Government House

Beautiful day for a walk... headed home, stopped in for coffee (with Baileys) with my friend Sonia and stopped at the store,  picked up a couple of cans of apple juice from Eloisa (at Mr. & Mrs. Dickenson's Store) and looked forward to checking out the pictures of textures that I took.  Think that I got a few that will translate into fabric design for art quilting pretty nicely!

Textures of the Water

Assorted other Textures that I really liked...

Friday, February 22, 2013

It's been awhile...

Can't believe it's been three years since I've written anything...
Feels good to be thinking about this again.