Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pirates of Salt Cay

Pirates over ran the island on Friday night, March 27th as the Salt Cay Women of Action sponsored a Community Pirate Party and Dance for the diverse Salt Cay community that includes Turks Islanders, Dominicans, Haitians, Americans, Canadians, St. Lucians, Filipinos and a number of others countries.
A "finger food" buffet filled two large tables with BBQ chicken, fried chicken, cracked conch, deviled eggs, and numerous other wonderful dishes provided by many Salt Cay residents.  
Festivities began about 7:30PM - actually a little later than that - they started on island time (which is always about 1/2 an hour later than scheduled).
Pirates  of all ages arrived by bicycle, on buggies, trucks and on foot at the Salt Shed Community Center.

We had a great time standing around eating, drinking and visiting with each other for about the first hour while Papa Newt (aka Newton Bassett) got the music started and we waited for the Salt Cay Rake 'n Scrape Band to arrive.
After a few warm up songs with the Women of Action dancing the electric slide and the Cha Cha Slide, the Salt Cay Rake 'n Scrape Band got started and the "serious" dancing began.  Unfortunately we had no microphone and missed a lot of the words to some of the great songs!  And the one brief video that was taken really didn't show the great job the band did on Pirate Night.  
Rogue's Gallery of Salt Cay Pirates include:
Vershina, Anna, Pirate Queen Roxanne, Yvonne, Shiela and Ann
Pirate King Mike
Don and Ms. Rosalie share a laugh
Vershina, Anna and Pirate Queen Roxanne
Little Pirate Gierdy 
Heather, Cynthia, Sharon, Ann and Bobbi 
Ann and Carolyn 
Nurse Barbara and Shiela 
Bobbi and Sharon
Clyde and Kim
Nic and Sharon
Pirate King Mike 
Pirate King Mike's wife
The first Pirate Party on Salt Cay was a number of years ago at Mt. Pleasant Guest House sponsored by Candy Herwin (Pirates Hideaway) and Tim Dunn (Salt Cay White House) - a few years later Porter at Island Thyme Bistro hosted a few great Pirate Parties... and thanks to former Pirate Queen Sharon Herwin, the event has become a fun community event!  We can't wait for next year... and look forward to the children's Pirate Party too!!

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