Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whales Ahoy!

Humpback Whales migrate past Salt Cay on both sides of the islands using the Turks Island Passage and the Mouchoir Passage as they make their way toward the Mouchoir Banks and Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic. Our house looks toward the West and the Turks Island Passage. It's about 350 yards off the beach.

We've been spotting Humpback Whales swimming past for about the past two weeks and for the past three or four days it has been an all day, every day event. I've spotted them throughout the day in groups of two to four as they swim around the island. Just saw a group of four humpbacks about 1/2 an hour ago!

Okay... I've already posted this, but I have to edit a little because now - 2 hours later - we've got three whales right next to the "Wall" (that's what we call the dropoff from the reef to the Passage) and it looks like two adult whales teaching a small one to swim... they keep going back and forth in front on us.

Today, with the wind coming out of the West, the Sea is too rough to kayak but I'll be out there again tomorrow to see if I can cruise along with them!
The map shows our location as Balfour Town. That's the name of the area where the government offices are on Salt Cay. It's not really a town, but I'm not really sure how you let Google know that. Guess they'll have to come have a visit.

I did not take the picture of the whale. A friend took it a few years ago... I have not been able to catch a picture of the whales this year and thought I'd use this to get your attention. :0)

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