Friday, January 15, 2010

Salt Cay's Morning Traffic

Weather Report: Windy, blowing steadily from the... wait a second while I check the weather vane... okay... the full report. Sunny, with a few scattered clouds, wind blowing out of the East at about 20 mph, temperature about 75F. Some good swells out at sea but a great day for diving.

Traffic Report:
To the West of us... A beautiful three-masted schooner that spent the night off the West side of the island headed North in this morning at about 9:30AM.
To the East of us - I'll let this picture speak for itself. The wall on the left is our front wall, looking North on Victoria Street.

It looks like another quiet day on Salt Cay.

There are a few guests and divers on island enjoying a quiet, laid back vacation.

Tomorrow there will be a Haitian relief benefit for Salt Cay's Haitian population at the Coral Reef Bar & Grill. raising money to directly help our Haitian friend's own families. It's been so very difficult for many of them to find out what's happening with their families in Haiti... thoughts and prayers for our Haitian friends and their families please.

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