Saturday, January 16, 2010

Salt Cay Rake 'N Scrape Haitian Benefit

Debbie Been, owner of Coral Reef Bar & Grill on Salt Cay, hosted a benefit for the island's Haitian families to aid them in finding and helping their relatives in Haiti after the earthquake. Salt Cay Rake 'N Scrape Band donated their talents to the event and entertained the crowd for about three hours. Debbie donated $1 from every drink sold and had a donation jar for people to make their own donations to Salt Cay's Haitian Relief Fund.

Through the efforts of Coral Reef Bar & Grill, Salt Cay Divers, Salt Cay Rake 'N Scrape Band, and the Salt Cay community over $2000 was raised for Salt Cay's Haitian Relief Fund

Winter Resident, Elinor Davies, graciously donated a number of original artworks to the cause. With the help of Sharon Herwin of Pirates Hideaway (pictured here), the Salt Cay Windmill watercolors were sold and the donations added to the Fund.

Salt Cay is home to many Haitian families, they are some of our best craftsmen and work hard to provide for their local families as well as sending money back to their families in Haiti. Communicating with their families in Haiti since the earthquake has been difficult. A few people have been able to find out information because their families do not live in Port au Prince and still have cell phone capability.

We have heard of two deaths to the Salt Cay Haitian families to date. There are a few of the men who are working to try to get enough airfare together so they can take the trip back to Haiti to find out about their families and help them in any way they can.

District Commissioner Carolyn Dickenson and Police Officer Kammeron assisted Salt Cay's Haitian community by providing them with phone numbers they can call to find out about their relatives earlier in the day and a Prayer Meeting at the Salt Shed was also held on Friday evening.

On Thursday the Salt Cay boat went to Grand Turk for the weekly shopping trip. We had heard on the local radio station that First Caribbean Bank has a special fund set up that sends the money donated directly to the Red Cross in Haiti and another contribution in that fund.

We would like to urge you to find out how you can help. And if you cannot afford to give a donation, please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

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