Sunday, January 3, 2010

After Midnight - Happy New Year!

The night was cool, the stars were bright and Debbie had a party at the Coral Reef Bar and Grill that was one of the best New Years Eve parties ever! The evening started out with the Salt Cay Rake 'N Scrape Band featuring Newton, vocals and bucket, Wilce on bucket, Dwight on the saw, Ranfully on tambourine and maracas and Spigot on the harmonica with guests joining in on the maracas that Mike Hawkins made and brought to the party.

Mike made about six maracas of coconut shells filled with small shells and rocks... great instrument for those of us who can't play the saw or harmonica! Spigot took a break from playing his harmonica to have a beer (or was that a glass of rum?) and play the maraca while visiting. That's the great thing about Rake 'N Scrape... you can take a break while the other band members continue on and join in at any time. Fantastic!

The Salt Cay Rake 'N Scrape band played for about an hour before it was time for their break (they played again after midnight joined by Shine on the bucket).

The rest of the evening DJ Newton (aided by Police Officer Cameron) spun a great selection of tunes and everyone was dancing, laughing and having an absolute great time!

Midnight arrived and kisses, hugs, and shouts of "Happy New Year" rang out through the night. Coral Reef Bar & Grill had two anniversaries and one proposal that night... a truly memorable and happy occasion!

I danced all night... we went home and I cooked bacon and eggs at 3AM... and today (January 3rd) I finally feel normal again! It just doesn't get any better than this.

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