Thursday, April 9, 2009

Donkeys of Salt Cay, a birth announcement

Louise Knucklehead, daughter of the late Thelma Knucklehead and sister to Stormy gave birth sometime between afternoon water and breakfast yesterday morning. The new Knucklehead is a gorgeous little gray female foal. Her name is April Sassfras Knucklehead (of the South District Knuckleheads) aka Sassy.

Premier Donkey Caregiver, Pat Coe, reports that both mother and daughter are doing fine. They spent their first day on the grounds of Compass Rose. Michelle (owner of Compass Rose) reported that the baby was nursing and Mom just ate a cardboard box. It is expected they will move on to other gourmet treats soon.

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Rose and the princess's said...

Charle loves the "baby 'key"