Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Deserted Island in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Exploring deserted islands is a fantasy that we enjoy fulfilling as often as possible in the Turks and Caicos Islands! It's fantastic to have Mike's little boat (the "Sal Vage") and the chance to explore some of the over 30 small uninhabited islands around Salt Cay and the Turks and Caicos Islands. On Sunday a small group of explorers ventured to one of those islands - about a 15-30 minute boat ride from Salt Cay. The Seas were calm, the sky was clear and the colors of the sea and sky were absolutely breathtaking.

(The boats at rest by the reefs we snorkeled.)

We arrived on the island (I know the name, but to keep in anonymous I'm not telling) at about 11:45AM. Unloaded a few coolers of food, water and beer and snorkeled around the little reefs off the west side of the island while waiting for a few more explorers to appear.
(Photo looking down from the small cliff above the beach with Salt Cay on the horizon)

After everyone had arrived we had a light lunch and took off to have a look around. As we hiked up above the beach we came to a small path made by local fishermen and started off toward the old sisal fields and ruins of a sisal farm.

(Mike standing in the ruins looking at the sisal plants beginning to bloom.)

Coming upon the ruin, we were surprised to find that the walls of the old place are in remarkably good repair for their age - it's fascinating to imagine what it was like when the sisal industry was active. We do know that there were small goats on the island brought to provide milk and food for the sisal farm. We did not have an opportunity to see any of them while we were exploring.

The island was too big for us to explore the whole thing. We hiked along the coast before returning to the beach for a swim. The skies were clear and it was hot - a little too hot for too much more hiking. The island had a little shade (we forgot to bring our urban umbrella) and the water was warm, clear and great. I think we probably spent at least an hour just swimming, snorkeling and floating around talking while we enjoyed the beauty of the day.

The day's adventure was almost over - climbing into our boats we made our way slowly back to Salt Cay, enjoying the changing aquas and blues of the sea and sky. The peace and beauty of the day were a special gift that we all enjoyed.

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