Monday, March 23, 2009

Winter Weather on Salt Cay

The coldest day on Salt Cay is still better than the warmest day in North America this time of year! I just got an email from one of my friends (Hi Gracie!) in Penn Yan to let me know that it is a "balmy" 20F there right now but warming up during the day. And another email from Danny (Mike's cousin) to report that he actually could go out without a hat (just gloves and warm coat). Brrrrrrrrr. I must report that we had to close all the shutters last night because it was only 70F, windy and "freezing." Isn't it funny what a person can get acclimated to!??

The Seas continue to be high but as the day is progressing the clouds are being blown away and it looks like it will be a fairly sunny (but windy) day. We have to remember that it's winter here too and if Pa Sammy were still alive he'd be sitting around in his winter coat with his hat pulled down around his ears! Me??? I feel lucky that I can still wear sandals and a sweatshirt to stay warm - oh, and just put a blanket over me at night.

See all the seaweed on the beach? I will end up raking it all into a pile, taking it off the beach and letting it sit for awhile to leech the salt out of it. And... I will probably find some really cool shells in it. I've got a pretty nice collection of shells (don't really go shelling that much lately) and my beach glass collection has really grown after the hurricane! Beachcombing at it's finest.

You should have seen me riding my bike North this morning! The wind is blowing 23 miles per hour and I was afraid if I stopped pedaling I would end up going backwards. Going home will be a breeze. :)

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Rose and the princess's said...

Rachel says "Granny I want to see your shell collection cause I have one too!! I have beach glass too!!"