Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Victoria Street, Salt Cay

Victoria Street, heading South. On the left are the Salinas, on the right the Sea... the buildings you see in this picture are the Brown House (now being called Sunnyside) and St. John's Angelican Church.

In the far distance you see the White House where the Harriott and Dunn families lived during the salt industry days. It is still owned by the Dunn family today. It lost parts of the roof and sustained extensive damage inside due to the hurricane, but the family is on island working to get it put back together.

Our house is just a short distance past the White House and was actually built at the same time as the White House (approximately 1830) using some of the Bermudian cut stone that was left over from the construction. Our house was originally home to the overseer of the Harriott family salt industry and eventually was bought by the Morgan family, another salt raking family. One of the links on the right eventually goes to pictures of the inside of our house... but this link (CLICK HERE) will take you immediately to pictures that I took in 2001. The inside of the house still looks the same. (Well, actually the walls probably need a new coat of paint but they're not bad). But any pictures of the garden are completely different. WOW - I'm so glad I took all those pictures so I have something to look back on - sure wish I had started doing that sooner!

Some of the other picture links go to things that are no longer here - they've either been taken away by the Hurricane Ike, just slowly deteriorated into nothing or just changed because every year is different on Salt Cay - things and people move on... There are still no paved roads on Salt Cay.

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