Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scuba Diving on Salt Cay

I don't dive, I snorkel. My friends on island and many guests on the island love to go diving with Salt Cay Divers. When Rose, my youngest daughter, was in high school she came down during one of her Spring breaks and had a great time getting certified and diving with Debbie and a couple of other younger divers who were getting certified at the same time. Carey, my oldest daughter, came down the next year and - not to be outdone by her younger sister - got her certification too. They had a great time. Debbie, Ollie and their staff always do such a fantastic job with new divers. I think the best part of diving here is that you aren't out there with a bazillion other divers. They have three (hmm, or is it four?) boats and with all the great dive sites you're usually only out with about 4-6 other people.

I've been out to snorkel Point Pleasant and see it from above - it was fantastic. I came face to face with a turtle one day - awesome! With luck it will be nice enough to get out there today, the Seas are finally starting to calm down. That's the problem with just snorkeling... I can only go out when it's nice. Divers have been out there listening to the humpback whales and having a great time swiming with the fish and through the coral while I sit on shore waiting for the days that are calm enough to snorkel.

It's been a couple of years since I've gone with Ollie (Salt Cay Divers) to swim with the sting rays - I
wish someone would come visit so that I'll have to go with them. I know, I know... I could go anyway but it's so much more fun to go with someone who's never been swimming with the rays before. I'll never forget my first trip - I will admit to "swimming" around the house pretending I was a spotted leopard ray for days. They are so beautiful and move so gracefully!!

I'll be getting in my kayak to paddle up to Point Pleasant and do a little snorkeling. It just doesn't get any better than this. :0)

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