Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Salt Cay Fix

If you've visited Salt Cay, you know that many people get around in buggies (aka golf carts and other golf utility vehicles). We brought a Kawazaki Mule down - hmmm, I think a little over 10 years ago. Mike has been incredible at keeping it maintained and running. We were not sure how much longer we could get away with some of the "Salt Cay fixes" to the buggy. Fortunately for us, someone else shipped down a Kawazaki Mule and we were able to buy it for a parts buggy. It wasn't the exact model of ours but close enough that Mike is able to take some of the parts off to help keep ours running. This picture is Mike attempting to get the bearings off the "parts buggy". He ended up putting it back together so that we can push it to a spot in the yard that is a little more out of the way (less trashy looking from the street) and then will proceed to take it apart again. Removing the bearings seems to be one of those jobs that will not be easy.

Our buggy has a solor panel on the roof to charge the battery, you will see the new stainless steel and gravity fed gas tank behind the driver's head. There are probably a few other unique features but I can't remember all of them right now. (Did you know that you can click on these photos to view them larger?)
I ride my bike (about 12-13 years old) almost everywhere but it sure is nice to have this buggy when we're "going out" or to gather beach reed or other adventures that are too much for the bikes!
My bike has also been through a great many "Salt Cay fixes" and is still going well!

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