Sunday, March 29, 2009

Salt Cay Beach Chair Company

Last year Mike started the Salt Cay Beach Chair Company... building at least forty beach chairs. No, he hasn't gone back to work! It was purely by accident. He made a couple for us and soon everyone wanted two, or three or twelve! It was quite a year for him. He was going to make more chairs this year but with all the hurricane recovery work and just general upkeep on the house he doesn't have any time.

Porter, Island Thyme Bistro owner, ordered a bunch of chairs and stained them with a teak finish - they look great! Here's a picture of Porter with his staff (from left - Lolli, Apol, Porter and JoJo) taking a couple of minutes to relax in the sun on the front deck of his restaurant and bar. In the evening when the bar is full, these chairs are always occupied too! Lots of fun to be had by all!!

Looking at the picture of Porter and crew, you'll see a foot stool in front of Porter. They make these chairs perfect for laying in the sun or just sitting under a beach umbrella with a book. I'm looking forward to getting a couple of stools for the chairs we have on our beach deck. And be sure to notice the nice curved back that makes these things so comfortable. Mike is responsible for many people living a stressless life because the Salt Cay beach chairs are so comfortable you just don't want to get up to do anything (well, except maybe go for another rum punch.)
Nothing better than a comfortable chair to sit it, a good book and beautiful sunsets!

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