Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flower Gardening on Salt Cay

This morning the sun came up bright and beautiful! A few small clouds floating through the sky but it looks like it will be another glorious day on Salt Cay. The view from the front door of my flower garden was just too special... I had to take a picture. The hibiscus are blooming better than they've ever bloomed before - the rain from the hurricanes has soaked the ground so well. The ground is sand - but over the years of planting stuff (and having plants die) there is a bit of organic matter. The bright yellow/orange/red flowers are gaillardia that I got from Ms Netty about 14 years ago. They come up willy-nilly wherever they want to. I've tried to plant them in specific places and that never seems to work.

It's taken so many years to have the front yard look like this... I really should look through my pictures and see if I can find a picture from the beginning of this adventure. We've probably planted at least 30 palm trees in the yard but the cows always managed to get in and eat them before they could grown. (That's the reason for the walls - to keep the cows out!)

The view out the front door is looking over the salt ponds. Until the 1960s salt was the main industry of Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands. Today the Salinas are in disrepair but still a peaceful, beautiful sight to behold!

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Rose and the princess's said...

your garden looks great Mom!!