Friday, March 13, 2009

Beach Deck in Paradise

It's so fantastic to have the Beach Deck back! After collecting more beach reed, cutting it in half length-wise, we now have a great wind break so that we can sit out and enjoy whale watching, glorious sunsets and the sound of the Sea.

I found an old chandelier in the dump last week... after taking all the rusted, rotten electrical wires out of it, I'm ready to attach bits of beach glass, pottery shards and shells to it, string some little lights on it and hang it from the middle of the roof inside the Beach Deck. Thinking that a few small buoys might be kind of cool to hang from it too.

The Sea has been a kind of rough the past month but we have managed to get in a few times. With luck it will calm down today and we'll be able to put the floats in and enjoy a day out on the water.
<---Mike enjoying a quiet morning look at the Sea before starting his day.

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Almy Researcher said...

The desk looks very relaxing and inviting. I am not sure I would venture too far from it unless I was going for a dip!!