Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Taken at dawn yesterday morning, it looked like we were going to be in for a stormy day! Believe it or not, the clouds went away and it was another fantastic day. "Another day in Paradise" was written about Salt Cay. The temperatures have been cool at night (low 70F) and the tradewinds have been keeping the island in the low 80F during the day. Incredible.

Personally, I love the cool, cloudy mornings... perfect for taking a bike ride around the island, coming home to make an omelet with juice and homemade bread, doing a little gardening and then biking down to connect to the internet to "take care of business." By the time I'm through with all of that, it's time to think about what to have for lunch. At least once a week I meet with another lady or two (sometimes as many as six) for an Anchovie Cheeseburger at Debbie's Coral Reef Bar and Grill. But I do enjoy my salads or leftovers at home too!

The seas have been rough to get in and do any kayaking. I was in one day - probably could have gone in a couple of other days but decided to snorkel intead. The snorkeling has been fantastic and I've been hearing great things about the diving too. Beachcombing has been great... lots of shells found down at Southwest Point. Amazingly there are now dirt roads that go to most places instead of crashing through the brush. It's nice, but just another sign of how much things are changing. Of course you can always just hike around the island and there are still a bazillion little places you can't get to any other way.
This picture was taken the day before yesterday... there have been some awesome sunsets. How great is it to sit and releax on the beach deck at the end of the day watching the waves and enjoying all the colors of nature.

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